Carving: Tomtit

Date: 2018

Location: Private collection

THE CARVING: A Tomtit. Carved from Yellow pine (a native) that used to be a pile from the historic Reefton courthouse. The wood kindly gifted to me by artist Alison Hale after she had to re-pile the the floor foundations when converting the building into her studio. Eyes are onyx, legs cast metal and carving painted with artist acrylics.

Set upon found wood.

Mounts to the wall with a french cleat (supplied)

The birds

THE BIRD: Endemic to New Zealand. The male South Island Tomtit differs from the North Island in a small but noticeable way. They have some yellow and/or orange colouration on the lower chest and belly, being brightest at the sharp demarcation with the black on the upper chest. All males have a white spot at the base of the upper mandible which can be enlarged during displays.

Tomtits are widespread and fairly common through the North and South Islands and can be found in all mature native forest types.


Life size. Wall mounted. Approximately 210mm high x 275mm wide x 140mm out from wall.