White fronted tern

Carving: White fronted tern

Date: 2018

Location: Private collection in Cromwell. If interested in commissioning a similar piece send me an email.

THE CARVING: Carved from NZ kauri. Eyes are glass and painted with artist acrylics.

Mounts to the wall with a clear acylic mount (supplied)
A very elegant bird in flight.

The birds

THE BIRD: Native of New Zealand. The white-fronted tern is the most common tern on the New Zealand coastline, at times occurring in flocks of many hundreds or even thousands of birds. It is mainly a marine species that is seldom found far from the coast.

The name ‘white-fronted’ refers to the ‘frons’ or forehead, where a thin strip of white separates the black cap from the black bill. Most other ‘capped’ terns, including the black-fronted tern, have black caps that reach the bill when in breeding plumage. The scientific name striata refers to the finely-barred (striated) dorsal plumage of recently fledged white-fronted terns, as the original description and name was based on a juvenile bird painted by William Ellis, surgeon’s second mate on the Discovery, on Captain Cook’s third visit to New Zealand.


Life size. Wall mounted. Approximately 820mm high x 395mm wide x 170mm out from wall.