Blue penguin

Carving: Blue penguin

Date: 2018

Location: SOLD. If interested in commissioning a similar piece please feel free to send me an email.

THE CARVING:  Carved from a broadleaf fence post, glass eyes, acrylic.  Photos L.A.
The fence post the bird is carved from, was kindly donated by a farmer near Owaka on the Catlins coast.

The birds

THE BIRD: Native to New Zealand. The blue penguin is the worlds smallest penguin, this particular carving is painted as the white flippered subspecies most associated with Banks Peninsula. I’m fond of this penguin, as  young boy my first memorable wildlife encounter was while visit grandma’s in Akaroa, mum got me out of bed to show me a penguin in the garage. In dim torch light we followed the penguin  as it slapped around grandma’s mini. They used to nest under the house, but due to their noise and fishy stink when the southerly blew, wire netting was used to discourage further nesting. I suppose the little fella (or fellass?) we followed was scoping its alternatives.


Life size. Free standing. Approximately 255mm high x 200mm x 160mm.